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Infinity Landscape Solutions Irrigation Van

Fully equipped and ready to go our Irrigation crew can handle it all. New sprinkler systems, micro and drip lines, brakes and blockages, changing of filters and tips, or monthly service.  


Maybe you don't have time or simply don't want to, but Infinity Landscape Solutions offers monthly Irrigation services to cover you. The following are what you would expect:

- Full Inspection of irrigation system, once a month

- Adjustment of water days/times for seasonal changes and changes due to watering restrictions

- Inspection of each zone

- Cleaning of any sprinkler nozzles that need cleaning

- Adjustment of sprinkler direction/pattern if needed

- Checking that water meter is not running to ensure there is no leaks while system is off

- Any follow-up checks are included as well

- Notification to owner of any major issues found that are not covered in above 

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